Midland Health
At Home

Introducing Midland Health at Home, a partnership between Midland Memorial Hospital and Calvert Home Health, a LifeSpring Home Care affiliate with operations in the state of Texas.

Midland Health at Home offers a full range of home health care services to our community. These include at home skilled nursing care, physical, occupational and speech therapies, as well as personal care services, such as home health aide and or social work to meet all our patient’s needs.

The mission is simple, keep patients in the comfort of their own homes, near their families, for as long as they should choose. Home Health Care furnishes an efficient and cost-effective alternative to hospitalization or other institutional care. Our services are provided by a team of highly trained home care professionals dedicated to going above and beyond to ensure the care and comfort of patients and their families. While simultaneously addressing individual needs and providing the highest quality, patient-focused, and loving care available anywhere.

Additionally, the services we offer are not provided exclusively to seniors. Whether you’re a new mom, an injured athlete, or anyone recovering from an operation or illness, Midland Health at Home pledges to compassionately care and support those individuals in the comfort of their own homes.

Types of care offered to help:
• Recovery from surgery.
• Assist Chronic Illness sufferers.
• Patients too ill to take care of themselves.
• Condition that requires regular medical attention.


Other services include:
• Wound care
• Assessments
• Infusion Therapy
• Cardiovascular care
• Diabetes care
• Oncology care
• Ostomy care
• Pulmonary Care
• Anodyne Therapy
• Tracheostomy care
• Telehealth
• Teaching


Because Your Peace of Mind Matters

  • All staff are bonded and covered by general and professional liability insurance and worker’s compensation.
  • Stringent background, competency, and reference checks are performed on all staff.
  • All staff members are subjected to rigorous screening and orientation.
  • The RN Case Manager supervises all caregivers.

In general, the goal of home health care is to treat an illness or injury. Home health care helps you:

  • Get better
  • Regain your independence
  • Become as self-sufficient as possible
  • Maintain your current condition or level of function
  • Slow decline

If you get your Medicare benefits through a Medicare health plan, check with your plan to find out how it gives your Medicare-covered home health benefits.
Medicare covers 100% of the costs for Home Health Care. Most insurances have home health care benefits, our team can help determine your benefits.

What should I expect from my home health care?

  • Doctor’s orders are needed to start care. Once your doctor refers you for home health services, the home health agency will schedule an appointment and come to your home to talk to you about your needs and ask you some questions about your health.
  • The home health agency staff will also talk to your doctor about your care and keep your doctor updated about your progress.
  • It’s important that home health staff see you as often as the doctor ordered.

Examples of what the home health staff should do:

  • Check what you’re eating and drinking.
  • Check your blood pressure, temperature, heart rate, and breathing.
  • Check that you’re taking your prescription and other drugs and any treatments correctly.
  • Ask if you’re having pain.
  • Check your safety in the home.
  • Teach you about your care so you can take care of yourself.
  • Coordinate your care. This means they must communicate regularly with you, your doctor, and anyone else who gives you care.